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Exercises in sitting position.

Doing exercises in a sitting position is suitable for people with limited space. Uncomfortable getting out of the seat. Examples of exercise postures in a how to sitting position include: Sit upright and relax your shoulders. Slowly rotate your neck to the side as far as it

Causes of cow’s milk allergy  symptoms.

Cow’s milk allergy is a symptom caused by the body‘s immune system responding to proteins in cow’s milk. Namely whey protein and casein protein, causing inflammation. Causes the body to produce histamine. Which causes allergic reactions. People who have an allergy to cow’s milk may be allergic to one

How does beta glucan benefit the immune system?

Beta Glucan may not be a familiar name to many. But in fact, beta glucan is a water-soluble dietary fiber nutrient that has quite a few health benefits. Especially with strengthening the system immunity to Resistant to disease Slow down deterioration and nourish the body to be strong. Which is

Things you should know before choosing to drink plant-based milk

Plant-based milk is an ideal choice for people who are allergic to cow’s milk have lactose intolerance, are vegetarians and vegans, or are concerned. That drinking cow’s milk may cause side effects from antibiotics or hormones they use. However, there are things that should be noted and cautioned about