Leeds United goalkeeper rushed to hospital after crash.

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Leeds United goalkeeper football Kristoffer Classon has been taken to hospital. After a car accident in Norway his hometown

The 23-year-old goalkeeper’s BMW M5 Cs crashed into a roadblock late on Wednesday night in Berger in Lilleström.UFABET 

Leeds United confirmed to the Yorkshire Evening Post that Classon had driving the car involved in the road accident.

Lilleström news agency Romerikes Bled said police operations manager Terj Marstad had inform them. That the Norway U21 international was able to stand and that he did not appear to be able to stand injured.

However, he was take by ambulance to Akershus University Hospital as a precaution. And was questioned by police at the hospital

The Yorkshire Evening Post added that Classon was not injury.

Police lawyer Henrik Skrimstad told Romerikes Blade: “All I can say is that the police are investigating a traffic accident.”

Bjorn Bratten, Head of the Investigation Department of the Lilleström Police Station. It was also reveale that Classon’s driver’s license had temporarily seized. without the consent of the football star

However, Romerikes Blade reports that police do not suspect he had alcohol in his blood.

But Norwegian media outlet Verdens Gang report that. Classon has charged with violating Section 3 of the Road Traffic Act.