Gunde defends Araujo after being criticized by Gundoğan

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Jules Gunde insists Barcelona win or lose together as a team after Ilkay Gundoğan criticized Ronald Araujo for making poor decisions. That led to his being fired, resulting in the Azulgrana being eliminated. It’s ultimately disappointing.

Barcelona’s French defender Jules Gunde defends Ronald Araujo after Ilkay Gundoğan. Who was disappoint by his exit from the Champions League in the eighth round. Criticized him for not showing restraint and was send off. The stadium resulted in the Azulgrana team losing to Paris Saint-Germain 1-4. Being eliminated with a total score of 4-6. According to a report from ‘Diario Sport’ on Wednesday.UFABET 

Gundoğan was critical of the team’s performance in recent games, with his remarks aimed at Araujo. Who was sent off in the 29th minute for a foul on Bradley Bargola on a solo move before entering the area. The penalty resulted in Barcelona being at a disadvantage until they were overtake by PSG by 4 goals and won 4-1. Successfully snatching a ticket to the playoffs.

Gundoğan said after the game:

‘This is the Champions League. No matter what the opponent is It’s impossible to come back if one of your players is sent off.’

‘It’s hard to say. But during these important times. You have to make sure you get the ball back. If you don’t get the ball And I don’t know if he touched it or not. You have to let it go. Losing one player because of a red card early in the game kills you.’

However, Gunde was not too happy with Gundoane’s comments. Before the French defender took to Instagram to defend Araujo. 

‘It’s a big disappointment not to make it to the semi-finals. When we had everything we had to do. However, we always win as a team and lose as a team. It is time to recover and prepare for this Sunday’s El Clasico. Thank you for your support, Gouleis.’

Kounde’s post was support by a few other Barcelona players including Marcos Alonso, Sergi Roberto and Vitor Roque, among others.