Rangnick says he doesn’t make sense of Tuchel’s ghost control.

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Manchester United manager Ralph Rangnick has pointed out that. It doesn’t make sense for Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel to move to the Red Devils. As the Blues have trouble at the moment.

Roman Abramovich sells the club after intense pressure from Russia’s attack on Ukraine. Because of an acquaintance with Vladimir Putin. The president of the country white bears. 

However, the UK government has imposed sanctions on Abramovich and freezes all assets. As a result, the future of the club is full of question marks. As is the future of Thomas Tuchel UFABET. Who many see that it may be difficult to work at Stamford Bridge due to problems around the area.

While former Liverpool defender Jamie Carragher expressed the view that. Manchester United should use this opportunity to contact Tuchel to replace Ralph Rangnick. Who ends the season will move to the position of club consultant.

Recently, Rangnick came out to defeat Tuchel’s rumors on this issue that “It doesn’t make any sense to think or speculate about Thomas Tuchel coming to Manchester United, I like his style. He is a top manager.”

“Thomas Tuchel is the manager of Chelsea at the moment and it is true that there are issues with the owners of the club. But speculating on him (Tuchel) as a candidate for a job here in the summer doesn’t make any sense.”

Manchester United have been alerted to the possibility of Chelsea manager Thomas Tuchel becoming available at the end of the season, and are monitoring his situation amid the growing crisis at Stamford Bridge.