Neville smashes the ‘ghost’ foundation on and off the pitch

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Gary Neville, famous football guru Still criticizing the Glazer family’s tenure as owner of Manchester United, pointing out that the “Red Devils” have rooted problems both on and off the pitch,

United defeated Liverpool 4-0 in the Premier League. On Tuesday night, with goals from Luis Diaz, Sadio Mane and Mo Salah (2)

, Neville began to discuss the use of a promotional video for the player at his debut. After the era of Sir Alex Ferguson, which indicates that the player has more power than the manager.

“If talking about reinforcements What they’ve done over the last 10 years, what Manchester United have done is to bring in players like Sanchez or Pogba to play the piano. football

“If you go to Liverpool, Chelsea and Man City, these managers are the main figures of a football club.

“They have undervalued the manager over the last 10 years by raising the player’s status to god. And these players do not work. The players should be able to do better, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer should do better, Ralph Rangnick could have done better,” the UFABET report

Neville added after disagreeing with Graeme. Souness, a Liverpool legend, said the United’s troubles weren’t because of Glazer:

“Gram, to be honest, there isn’t a good business owner in the world whose main business activity is failing. And they’ve been sucking out the cash in the last 3 years during the coronavirus? The situation is like this and you are still taking money out of the business?

“No shareholder There is no good director or business owner who, when a business is collapsing from its main activity, sucks the money. Hundreds of millions of pounds of necessary investment have been put into the field and training ground. And will also take money out of the business. They can’t do that.

“The foundation of the club is messed up on and off the pitch. The field is collapsing. The training ground is inferior if compared to other teams. The owners of the club still take out £25m a year when the club needs investments,”

Jamie Carragher asked Neville if the situation was out of control

. and succeed They are a big club. I’m not worried about the long term, maybe in five or 10 years, like I never doubted Liverpool would return.”

United are set to appoint Erik ten Hag as manager, but Neville fears instead of the task. in front of him “I sympathize with him,” Neville said of the

Dutch boss’ hard work at Old Trafford.

protest They protested violently over the performance.

“I can’t believe what happened. They were knocked out of every tournament.”