“Bruno” apologizes to ghost fans should not come to this kind of game

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Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes has apologized to fans after their side’s 4-0 defeat to Liverpool

. After losing to their all-time rival, the “Reds”, they are still in sixth place, three points behind Tottenham Hotspur in 4th place and playing more than one match

. nothing much to say I have to apologize to the fans of the team. They don’t deserve to see us play like this. They deserved to see more from us,” Bruno told UFABET Sports after

the game. They stayed and applauded us. They deserve something more. We have to raise the standard to a much higher level.”

The midfielder said a key difference between the sides was that Liverpool are fighting for a Premier League title while Manchester United are “fighting for nothing”.

Manchester United are long-shots at qualifying for a Champions League place with five matches to go and Arsenal and Tottenham in superior positions with games in hand.

“I think every player runs for the team. It’s an effort from everyone. I don’t want to think that there are some people who don’t give 100%, we have to do it for ourselves, the club, the fans and everyone

. But now we’re not fighting for anything. that’s the difference We have to look at ourselves. From top to bottom what’s wrong?”

“We have to fight until the end. No one will back down and think it’s over. We still have something to keep fighting.”